Penis Stretches For a Bigger Penis

One of the most popular ways for getting a bigger penis is by doing penis stretches. These are exercises you perform which can help with gaining size. Here’s the right way and wrong way to perform this exercise.

1. Don’t stretch with weights or objects.

Stretching through hanging weights is sometimes mentioned for gaining size but this is not recommended. Definitely too risky. Usually a weight or object is attached to a string or rope, then attached to your member and you are supposed to let it hang for stretching purposes. But obviously the risk factor is too high here. You don’t want to do something that you have no control over. You want to let your hands do the work, not some weight hanging device.

2. Static Stretching Holds with Hands.

The way to perform penis stretches is by using your hands, starting at the base while being semi-erect, and then gently stretching outward or downward. Then, once you’ve reached the head, you want to hold it for a number of seconds. Start out with simple 5 second holds to get used to it. Programs will vary with the number of seconds they recommend holding. After holding, release, relax, and repeat for another hold.

3. Combine Stretches with Jelqing.

Jelqing is another enlarging exercise which is very effective. Stretches are best used in combination with jelqing. You tend to get more out of each exercise when you combine them, meaning better results, much quicker. It’s really essential to get a good program online which will explain to you exactly how to do jelqing and how to properly perform stretches. They will provide you with videos so you know exactly how to perform each, so results will be quick and very effective.